Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Australian Lace Guild, Victoria Branch, lace day

Saturday 23rd July was a lovely sunny day, made even better by being picked up by Leonie Masterson and Vicky and taken to Brighton for a lace day. There were about 40 lacemakers there and nearly everyone there had a lace pillow with them and those that didn’t were tatting, crocheting, knitting or embroidering lace.  Everyone was busy. I did not have any work to do but wore my scarf and saw that quite a few of the other lacemakers were wearing lace scarves in various techniques. I spent a very happy morning in the sales room, trying to decide what bobbins and other souvenirs my meagre South African Rands would buy. Luckily I had sold all the painted boSAM_0790bbins that I brought with me so felt free to make a few purchases. 
These are the painted bobbins that I  brought with me. they are painted by Paddy Waters (aged 82) in South Africa and are very special.

   These are the bobbins I bought from Josco Lace supplies They are in various woods with an Inlace Insert.
This one was a present from Leonie. It has a picture of a Quondong berry and leaves painted on it and a dried Quondong seed on it.     Thank you Leonie

                                                                                                          SAM_0697                     In the afternoon there was a short AGM and then a talk by a student of animation (sorry I did not get her name) who spoke about her short animated film with crocheted characters. She spoke of how she made the characters and did the animation and the film was very cute and suitable for children’s TV. Thanks to that she now has a contract for a TV series next year.
All in all it was a very pleasant day in convivial company

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  1. I have a bobbin with a Quondong nut also.
    Did you visit the Power House Museum before you left Sydney? I'd like to see what your entry was like. Safe travels.