Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My visit to Ballarat

While on holiday here in Melbourne, I could not resist the chance to visit David Collyer in Ballarat. The trains to Ballarat are not running due to work on the track, so I took the bus. It is only an hour and a half and David met me at the station and we went to his cosy home. I found him to be a very charming man and we talked about lace and life for about 4 hours. He got out all his own hand-made lace and some antique lace and some lace and crochet work from his mother, grandmother and great grandmother. What a treat. I took a lot of photos and here are some of them to share with you.

Black Chantilly

A fantastic wide Chantilly edging make in the finest Pipers silk

Bookmark made by Miriam Gidron

This bookmark was made for a bookmark exchange by Miriam Gidron in Israel. It appears to be a mixture of Milanese lettering and edging with a Bucks point ground and Bruges leaves. I liked it.

Tonder wide lace edging

I remember David writing of making this wide Tonder edging, 2 or 3 years ago. It is a full square edging but does not have a fabric centre yet. So beautiful!

David's Chantilly Square

This square was designed by David from a Chantilly edging.

Buck's Point

A fantastic Bucks point spray of roses with a modern edging.

Buck's Point Eagle Doily

I can’t remember if this is Bucks Point or Tonder but I like the eagles. This was also redesigned by David from a straight edging, redrawn onto polar graph paper.

David at his huge pillow

The man himself at his giant lace pillow. 1 1/2 m square with a variety of blocks to move around.


  1. Well done, Janis. Lovely to visit your Lace Place blog, and to share your visit with David.
    Bev on Vancouver Island, Canada

  2. Lucky you to see Davids lace 'up close and personal' absolutely amazing work. I shall look forward to visiting your blog again.

  3. So glad that you were able to visit Ballarat & David's "Lace Place". Have a fun time in Australia. I can't wait to see more photos.
    Pene in Tartu, Estonia

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