Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tea and Lace with Liz

I have not been able to get to the computer this week but I will try to catch up on some news now. Last Friday Liz Ligeti invited me to  her home for tea and to talk lace (of course).  When I arrived, lacemaker Vicki Jones-Evans was also there, and of course Liz’s husband Alex, so we had a lot to talk about. After tea and cakes and a lot of chat getting to know each other,Liz got out her box of needlelace pieces, which is ready for her teaching trip to the USA next week, and some of her bobbin lace pieces as well.

What a treat!  Liz’s needlelace is stunning. So fine and beautifully worked. No wonder she is in demand as a teacher. Have a closer look at these few pieces. 


Liz and a beautifully worked needlelace sampler about 6” (15cms) in diameter.SAM_0624 

.A dress front or modesty piece which Liz wears from time to time.


This was designed by Liz as a table runner and is sometimes worn as a pair of lappets. It is mainly Bedfordshire Lace with three needlelace inserts.


And the well known cap from the front cover of Barbara Underwood’s Bedfordshire Lace book, but this time made in a dark navy which shows itself off well against Liz’s white hair.

Vicky Jones-Evans, whom I will meet again on next Saturday.SAM_0626

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