Saturday, 1 September 2012

Farewell to Melbourne

I can't believe that it is a year since I wrote on my blog. I will try to catch up briefly so that I can keep it up to date from then on.

I spent the whole of July 2011 in Australia, most of it in Melbourne and I just have to say something about the rest of my time there and some of the places I visited before moving on.
The Yarra river with the Melbourne Cricket Ground in the background
The old restored red trams are free to
hop-on hop-off on a circular route
The Victoria Parliament Building  
A modern tram

Here are just a few of the places I visited.

The Healesville Sanctuary is home to all indigenous animals

A very cuddly looking Wambat
Kangaroo at The Healesville Sanctuary

An emu in the bush
We also spent a few days at Phillip Island to see the penguins. Although it was the wrong time of year to see them we did see a few. It was also the wrong time of year to go to the beach but I had to go just to see it, what a beautiful sheltered bay.

And of course the Dandenong mountains. We went quite a few times and I must say that I have never tasted better scones, jam and cream in the Devon cream teas to which I quickly became addicted.
And then, all too soon, it was time to say goodbye to my son, daughter-in-law and 2 lovely grandchildren.  Can't wait to visit again!